Running in Docker

The Docker image can be used to host the enterprise version of on own servers or in own AWS/Azure/Google Cloud account.

You can run in Docker using the following command:

docker run -d --name <dstack container name> \
-v <path to data directory>:/data \
-p <port on host>:8080 -e dstackai_port=<public port> \
-e dstack_smtp_host=<SMTP server host> \
-e dstack_smtp_port=<SMTP server port> \
-e dstack_smtp_user=<SMTP server user> \
-e dstack_smtp_password=<SMTP server password> \
-e dstack_smtp_starttls=true \
-e dstack_smtp_from=<admin email address> \

To stop, the server, make sure to use this code:

docker stop <dstack container name>

If you'd like to re-run the server after it was stopped, make sure to delete it before running again using this command:

docker rm <dstack container name>

If you'd like to test how the Docker image works without configuring an SMTP server, you can try to run it via the docker-compose.yml.