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Welcome to 🧬 dstack

dstack allows to run any tasks and apps in your cloud account via the CLI.

Sign up for dstack, add your cloud credentials, and run anything via the CLI. dstack will provision infrastructure on-demand and will help manage data.

  • Workflows

    Run any tasks and apps in your cloud account with a single command.


  • Artifacts

    Save any output artifacts in the central storage and reuse them from other workflows.

  • Dev environments

    Launch VS Code, JupyterLab, Tensorboard, and other tools with pre-configured hardware and dependencies.


  • Providers

    With dstack, you can run pretty much any tools supported by the built-in or community provider.


Getting started

  • Quickstart

    Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to get started with dstack in minutes.


  • Slack community

    Connect with the community in a Slack channel.