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What is dstack?

dstack is a lightweight command-line tool for running reproducible ML workflows in the cloud.


  • Define workflows, incl. dependencies, environment, and required compute resources, via declarative configuration files.
  • Run workflows in the cloud via the dstack CLI.
  • Save output artifacts of workflows and reuse them in other workflows.
  • Use workflows to process data, train models, host apps, and launch dev environments.

How does it work?

  • Install dstack CLI locally
  • Make sure the AWS account credentials are configured locally
  • Configure the AWS region (where to provision infrastructure) and an S3 storage bucket name (where to save data)
  • Define workflows in .dstack/workflows.yaml within your project directory
  • Use the dstack CLI to run workflows, manage their state and artifacts
  • When you run a workflow, the dstack CLI provisions the required cloud resources, fetches your code, prepares environment, downloads dependencies, runs the workflow, saves artifacts, and tears down cloud resources.