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dstack tags

Use this command to manage tags within the current Git repo.

It supports the following subcommands: list, add, and delete.

tags list

The tags list command lists tags.


dstack tags list

tags add

The tags add command creates a new tag. A tag and its artifacts can be later added as a dependency in a workflow.

There are two ways of creating a tag:

  1. Tag a finished run
  2. Upload local data


dstack tags add TAG (-r RUN | -a PATH ...)

Arguments reference

The following argument is required:

  • TAG – (Required) A name of the tag. Must be unique within the current Git repo.

One of the following arguments is also required:

  • -r, --run - A name of a run
  • -a PATH, --artifact PATH - A path to a local folder to be uploaded as an artifact.


Tag the finished run wet-mangust-1 with the some_tag_1 tag:

dstack tags add some_tag_1 wet-mangust-1

Uploading two local folders ./output1 and ./output2 to create the some_tag_2 tag:

dstack tags add some_tag_2 -a ./output1 -a ./output2


To list or download the artifacts of a tag, use the dstack artifacts list :TAG and dstack artifacts download :TAG commands.

tags delete


dstack tags delete [-y] TAG

Arguments reference

The following arguments are required:

  • TAG - (Required) A name of a tag

The following arguments are optional:

  • -y, --yes – (Optional) Don't ask for confirmation