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dstack run

This command runs a workflow within the current Git repo.

It provisions the required compute resources, fetches the same version of code (as you have locally), pre-downloads the data the workflow depends on, and runs the workflow.

If you run it in the attached mode, you'll see the output in real-time as your workflow is running.


dstack run [-h] WORKFLOW [-d] [-t TAG] [ARGS ...]

Arguments reference

The following arguments are required:

  • WORKFLOW - (Required) A name of one of the workflows defined in the ./dstack/workflows.yaml file.

The following arguments are optional:

  • -t TAG, --tag TAG - (Optional) A tag name. Warning, if the tag exists, it will be overridden.
  • -d, --detach - (Optional) Run the workflow in the detached mode. Means, the run command doesn't poll for logs and workflow status, but exits immediately.
  • ARGS – (Optional) Use these arguments to override workflow parameters defined in .dstack/workflows.yaml
  • -h, --help - (Optional) Shows help for the dstack run command. Combine it with the name of the workflow to see how to override workflow parameters defined in .dstack/workflows.yaml

Use ARGS to override any of the workflow parameters defined in the ./dstack/workflows.yaml file.