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The base command for the dstack CLI.


To view the list of supported CLI commands, run dstack with no additional arguments:

Usage: dstack [-h] [-v] [OPTIONS ...] COMMAND [ARGS ...]

Main commands:
  dstack run WORKFLOW [-d] [-t TAG] [ARGS ...]        Run a workflow
  dstack ps [-a | RUN]                                Show run(s) status
  dstack stop [-x] [-y] (RUN | -a)                    Stop run(s)
  dstack logs [-a] [-s SINCE] RUN                     Show logs
  dstack artifacts list (RUN | :TAG)                  List artifacts
  dstack artifacts download (RUN | :TAG)              Download artifacts

Other commands:
  dstack init [-t GH_TOKEN | -i SSH_PRIVATE_KEY]      Initialize the repo
  dstack config [--aws-profile NAME]                  Configure the backend
  dstack tags add TAG (-r RUN | -a PATH ...)          Add a tag
  dstack tags delete [-y] TAG                         Delete a tag
  dstack tags list                                    List tags
  dstack secrets add [-y] NAME [VALUE]                Add a secret
  dstack secrets list                                 List secrets
  dstack secrets delete NAME                          Delete a secret
  dstack delete [-y] (RUN | -a)                       Delete run(s)

Global options:
  -h, --help                                          Show this help output
  -v, --version                                       Show dstack version

Use --help to see the usage of the specific command, e.g. run:

 dstack run --help

For more details and examples on a specific command, check out its dedicate reference page using the navigation section.