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The dstack tool is at the early preview stage. There are lots of things it doesn't support yet:

  • Private repositories: Currently, dstack only supports public Git repositories. Private Git repositories cannot be used with dstack yet. Also, make sure to use HTTPS protocol for authentication.
  • The SSH protocol is not supported yet.
  • Dashboard interface: Currently, you can work with dstack only via the CLI. There is not yet a user interface to sign up, and manage runners, runs, artifacts, and logs.
  • Hardware metrics: Currently, dstack doesn't report hardware metrics for the runners, e.g. the use and availability of memory, CPU, GPU, etc.
  • Hardware requirements: Currently, there is no way to specify hardware requirements per workflow (e.g. GPU, CPU, memory, etc.)
  • Own storage: Currently, dstack uses its own storage for artifacts and logs. There is not yet a way to use own storage.
  • Own server: Currently, the dstack server is hosted with and stores the information about the user, runs, and runners on its own server. There is not yet a way to have a dstack server up on your own machine.
  • Triggers: Currently, there is no way to configure your own events or webhooks to trigger new runs. All runs must be manually started via the dstack CLI.
  • Sweeps: Currently, there is no way to run a multiple combinations of variables in parallel (i.e. hyperparameter tuning, e.g. grid search, bayesian search, etc.)

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