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Install CLI

The dstack CLI can be installed via pip:

pip install dstack -U


Before you use the CLI, you need to authorize with your user credentials. This can be done via a CLI command:

dstack login

The command will prompt you to enter your username and your password.

If the credentials are correct, the Personal Access Token that is associated with your user will be stored in the ~/.dstack/config.yaml file. Now, all your commands of the dstack CLI will be authorized and associated with your user.

How do I register a user with

Please sign up using the form at and wait for an approval. As soon as your request is approved, you'll receive your user credentials to your email.

Get a token

To see your Personal Access Token, you can either open the ~/.dstack/config.yaml file, or call the following command:

dstack token

Keep the token secure

It's important that you keep this token secure and don't share it with others. If the token is compromised, you'll have to change it.

Artifacts S3 bucket

By default, dstack stores output artifacts in its own secure storage that only your user has access to. If you want to store output artifacts in your own S3 bucket, configure your AWS account and specify the name of the S3 bucket.

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