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Install CLI

Install package

To run workflows or obtain a token to set up runners, you'll need the dstack CLI. It can be installed via pip:

pip install dstack==0.0.1rc4

Register a user

To set up runners, you'll need to obtain your Personal Access Token. To do that, you have to register a user with This can be done via the CLI:

dstack register

It will prompt you to select a user name (only latin characters, digits and underscores are allowed), and specify your email. To verify the email address, it will send you a verification code that you'll have to confirm.

Now, you are fully authorized on this machine to perform any operations via the CLI. The obtained Personal Access Token can be later used to set up runners.

The authorization is done via the Personal Access Token that is stored in ~/.dstack/config.yaml file.

Login as existing user

If you'll have to authorize the dstack CLI again on this or another machine, you'll can do that by using the following command:

dstack login

This command needs the user name and the password. If it's correct, it authorizes the current machine to use the dstack CLI.

Obtain a token

To set up runners, you'll need your Personal Access Token. This token can be obtained by the following command:

dstack token

You'll need this token to configure the dstack-runner daemon at the next step.

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