dstack supports two ways to share models and applications with others: inviting users to your dstack server or pushing your applications to

Own Server

Inviting users to your dstack server can be done from the Settings:

You can create a user, copy its invite link, and send it to the user over email or some other way.


Pushing applications to is also easy and is done the following way:

Sign up for Then, sign in, and open Settings, click theInfo icon next to your Token:

You'll click it, you'll see the following popup. Copy the shell command that configures your dstack client:

Run the copied shell command snippet on the machine where you push applications or models. This command will change your ~/.dstack/config.yaml to configure it to use instead of your local server.

If you'd like to revert it, e.g. if you'd like to work with the local server again, re-run the local server with the following command dstack server start --override. This will revert your ~/.dstack/config.yaml file.

Push models and applications as you normally do. They'll be pushed to

If you'd like to change the visibility settings of your applications or models, you can do it by clicking the Share button on the page of the corresponding application or model. You can change the access level, and if you select For selected users(means it's private), you can send invites with access to this application or model to any existing user or to any email.