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The command line interface to dstack is provided through the dstack program (that is installed with the dstack pip package).


Make sure to always use the CLI from the project repository directory.

Example usage

To view a list of the commands available in your current dstack version, run dstack with no additional arguments:

Usage: dstack [OPTIONS ...] COMMAND [ARGS ...]

The available commands for execution are listed below.
The primary commands are given first, followed by
less common or more advanced commands.

Main commands:
  run            Run a workflow
  runs           Show recent runs
  stop           Stop a run
  restart        Restart a run
  logs           Show logs of a run
  artifacts      Show or download artifacts of a run
  app            Open a running application

Other commands:
  init           Initialize the repository
  config         Configure your token
  prune          Delete all finished untagged runs
  tag            Assign a tag to a run
  untag          Delete a tag

  -h, --help     Show this help output, or the help for a specified command.
  -v, --version  Show the version of the CLI.

To get specific help for any specific command, use the --help option with the relevant command. For example, to see help about the "init" command you can run dstack config --help.


Here's how to install and configure the CLI:

pip install dstack
dstack config --token <token> 

Your token can be found on the Settings page in the user interface.